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Am I eligible for enrolment?

The academic requirements for enrolling once admitted are:
- The possession of a High School Diploma (and minimum 12 years of education) and the Dichiarazione di Valore – legalized translation and declaration– which is given by the Italian Consulates. - An English Language Certification according to the indications you find on the admissions pages.

Please be aware that the papers requested from the Consulates for entering a Medical School can differ from one Country to another, so you must first of all check with your local Italian Consulate. Please refer to the indications given by the Italian Ministry of Higher Education on foreign titles and consult your local Italian Embassy or Consulate before applying to find out if your titles will be sufficient for enrolling once admitted. Remember that the University will not accept any foreign Diploma/Certificate or Transcript which has not been translated into Italian and which does not have the Dichiarazione di Valore.
If you pass the test and are admitted to the program but do not meet the above listed requirements, you cannot enrol to the Program.