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Is my diploma valid for enrolment?

In case of admission, in order to enrol it is necessary to present a valid Secondary School Diploma and an English Language Certificate. According to the type of diploma, further documentation (such as Declaration of Value and legalization) may be required. We therefore invite you to carefully read our addendum on Foreign qualifications and study visa: https://www.unisr.it/attachments/Foreign-qualifications---study-visa/26a5d91c-8469-4e24-b484-59ecd028e4e4/d762f86d-f2d3-4ea4-bf6b-53fd5cd82d24.pdf
Moreover, candidates who are awarded/going to be awarded a non-Italian diploma are requested to contact the Admissions Office at ammissioni@unisr.it BEFORE registering for the Admission test.
Please note also that without valid documentation it will not be possible to enrol to the Program, independently from the Admission test result.